A vitamin can be described as an organic compound that produces a physical deficiency when it is without your diet.

Vitamin Rich Vegetables

Vitamin Rich Vegetables

Eating vegetables provides health benefits – people who eat more vegetables and fruits included in an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced chance of some chronic diseases. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of the body.

A vitamin can be described as an organic compound that produces a physical deficiency when it is without your diet. The word vitamin comes from what “vital” and “amine.” Originally, vitamins were regarded as amines, nitrogen-based compounds known for their fishy and bad smell. Although vitamins are not amines, some vitamins do contain them. Most vitamins could be derived from food sources, including fruits and vegetables.

A number of dieters often strive to improve their weight reduction by limiting their consumption of fruits, as fruit naturally consists of higher amounts of sugars. Because the body consumes excess sugary foods, for example fruit, cookies, or other sweets, the physique responds by growing insulin and blood sugar levels. This rise in insulin and glucose provides the physique an intense and immediate power boost; however, this increase is brief term, because the physique then encounters an power crash, resulting in the body to respond by craving added sugary snacks to enhance energy levels again.

Vegetables For Your Diet

Health experts agree that eating a healthy balanced diet is the greatest way to get all the individual vitamins you’ll need. So if you’re keen to make sure you’re getting all you need for a fit, strong and supple body, a good option to start is by looking at your diet.


Broccoli could be be eaten raw or cooked but steamed the first is the best way to consume it and revel in its nutritional benefits too. This antioxidant green vegetable has vitamin A and C which regulates an effective immune system functioning. Having broccoli prevents against cancer. The vegetable also controls cholesterol and blood pressure levels. A must vitamin rich vegetable.


This vegetable could be consumed raw or cooked. The carrots are a great supplier of vitamin A. medium-sized carrot contains carotine ( vitamin A) which prevents night blindness, enhances breast milk among pregnant women, regulate blood sugar levels, improves skin complexion and hair quality etc.

Vitamin-Rich-Vegetables-For-Your-DietGreen beans

Also termed as string or snap or French beans, this vitamin rich vegetable is really a natural medicine to cure diabetes. The vitamin C rich green beans are healthy and protects against osteoporosis and eczema. To savor the vitamins of the green beans, rather have steamed one rather than cooked one.


The colored lettuce is really a vitamin rich vegetable. It contains vitamin A, B and K. This vegetable is really a healthy and effective vegetables for people who are diet conscious. It does not contain calories and is healthy too. Lettuce boosts the blood flow and purifies it.


This yellow colored vitamin rich vegetable is a superb source of vitamin A, B6 and C. This soluble fiber rich vegetable is also rich in folate, thiamine and naicin. It promotes cellular antioxidants as well as protects the body against oxidative stress-induced cell death.