Vitamin A is required for carrying out a number of vital processes in the human body. Vitamin A is found in plenty of healthy foods.

Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for vision, gene transcription, improving immune function, and great skin health. While we need to take all of them from different sources, it is important to keep a track of what we eat to monitor how much of each vitamin are we getting as each of them has a different function. Your eyes need vitamin A to help them convert light into brain signals that allow you to perceive images.

Vitamin is found in plenty of healthy foods. If you’re not sure how to improve the natural sources of vitamin A in your diet, now is a good time to brush up your knowledge. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, as well as orange produce like carrots and sweet potatoes supply Vitamin A in the form of Carotenoids. Eating both forms of Vitamin A is important to support your overall health.


When most people think of Vitamin A and eye health, they think of carrots. It’s true that eating plenty of carrots can improve your vision. One medium carrot accounts for over 200% of the average person’s Vitamin A needs for the day. They’re also a great source of Vitamins C, K, and B, plus magnesium and fiber.

Green leafy vegetables

Veggies like spinach, broccoli, kale, etc are all great sources of vitamin A. A good way to consume them is by making a healthy broth of all of these together and drinking it in the morning. This can be your power drink of the day to energise you and also keep you healthy. It works for your skin and hair too. Read how to juice vegetables.


One cup of pumpkin puree has about seven grams of fibre, more than one-quarter of your daily intake. Fibre supports healthy digestion, eases constipation and reduces the risk of heart disease.


Kale is another vegetable source of vitamin A, and definitely one that is worth noting. You can get almost three times the daily requirement of vitamin A though a basic serving. Not only that but you also get a great dose of vitamin C and vitamin K.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is enjoyed as a snack especially during winters. The vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin A – one sweet potato is enough to give you your daily vitamin A intake. It has beta-carotene which will protect you from free radical damage.


Not only is the green stuff nutritious, but it also has 148 per cent of your daily intake of vitamin C. When eating broccoli, sulforafane is released, a phytochemical with strong antioxidant properties that may reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Dried apricots

Compared to the foods mentioned above, dried apricots have lesser amounts of vitamin A content. Nevertheless, they are a substantially rich source. They too have carotenoids and antioxidants and a handful of these give about 50% of daily vitamin A requirement.