High iron foods alone won't ensure adequate iron supply to body since the iron absorption by body depends upon the form of the iron.

It is commonly seen, that before turning vegetarian or vegan, people inquire about how they are going to get enough quantity of iron. In other words, they are often concerned about iron deficiency. However, when there are a variety of vegetarian foods with iron, you would not worry about iron deficiency. According to research conducted on vegans and vegetarians, it had been seen, that their iron levels are much better than people who consumed meat regularly.

Vegetarian Foods Rich in Iron

Vegetarian Foods Rich in Iron

One must understand the necessity of iron within our bodies. Iron is a mineral, that is necessary for transporting oxygen within our bodies. A person with low levels of iron is viewed to suffer from immune system problems and frequently may be lethargic. At the same time, if decreased function is viewed, then it can be an indicator the person suffers from iron deficiency anemia. If a person consumes a balanced vegetarian diet, it’s seen that the level of iron is really as good as meat eaters, otherwise better.

Iron Absorption By Body

Observe that eating high iron foods alone won’t ensure adequate iron supply to body since the iron absorption by body depends upon the form of the iron. The iron from animal foods, referred to as heme iron, is absorbed easily through the body. The iron present in vegetable foods, known as non-heme iron, is less open to the body.


A half-cup serving of beans provides about 10 % of your daily iron needs. Soybean products for example tofu and tempeh are also rich in iron, supplying about Ten to fifteen percent iron per 4-oz. serving. You are able to help your body absorb the majority of this iron by preparing dishes that combine beans with foods full of vitamin C. Examples include tomato and bean salad, vegetarian chili, tomato-based soup, tempeh sloppy Joes and tofu-vegetable stir fry. You may even want to add fresh bean sprouts for your diet, as they contain both iron and ascorbic acid. Toss bean sprouts into salad, soup, scrambled eggs and stir fry, or use within place of lettuce on sandwiches.


Two eggs contain 8 percent of the daily value for iron. The majority of the iron found in eggs is heme iron that’ll be easily absorbed, and will also help the body better absorb non-heme iron from vegetable sources. To obtain the most out of your eggs, match iron-rich vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, beans, bean sprouts or potatoes. Tomatoes, which offer some iron and a lot of ascorbic acid, also go particularly well with eggs.


Potatoes and yams contain both iron and ascorbic acid. They can be easily combined with other iron-rich foods either like a side dish or area of the main recipe. Try adding potatoes to chili, bean stew, spicy chickpea dishes, curried lentils, egg recipes and spinach dishes. Mashed potatoes may also substitute for rice as a first layer in Indian food, bean dishes or vegetarian stew.

Seeds and nuts

There are a number of seeds, which we quite often do not consume or even focus on. However, once you know, they are full of iron, you will want to include them in what you eat. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (accustomed to make Tahini) are some of the seeds full of iron. Likewise, there are some nuts, that are a part of iron rich food list. Almond, cashew nuts, together with dried figs, dried apricot, raisins, (although they aren’t technically nuts), are some of the rich causes of iron.


For vegetarians, an iron-rich diet includes leafy green vegetables like kale, collard, spinach, legumes including kidney beans, lentils and chick peas, wholegrain cereals, nuts, molasses and some dried fruits. Good causes of iron for vegetarians include wholegrain cereals and flours, green vegetables, blackstrap molasses, pulses such as lentils and kidney beans, plus some dried fruits. In addition, seaweed is recognized as a iron rich food rich in iron, calcium and folate. Hijiki and nori could be eaten raw in salads, soups and sushi. To make sure better absorption, add a number of Vitamin C rich fruits.

Dried Apricots

Dried apricots could be tried alone, with other dried fruits as well as in salads. They’re also high in potassium and vit a, and about 25 dried apricots provides you with about half the iron you’ll need daily.

Iron-Rich Food for Vegetarians

Iron-Rich Food for Vegetarians

Quinoa & Grains

My absolute favorite: quinoa. Quinoa is not actually a grain but a seed, but it is often used together with grains.To state quinoa is a superfood is definitely an understatement. Rich in protein, full of iron and other nutrients, quinoa isn’t just nutritious but hearty. It’ll easily serve as a base for may meals you’ll prepare like a vegetarian.One cup of quinoa provides you with about 185 grams of iron. Grains can offer up to 15 percent your daily recommended value per serving.


Single serving of lentils (one serving) can provide you with up to 7 milligrams of iron, and it is very rich in protein too. A serving can provide at least 20 % of what you need daily.Lentils are another superfood, plus some forms of it also provide all the essential amino acids just as quinoa does.

Pumpkin Seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds provide 30 % of the Recommended Daily Value for iron. When roasted, they provide about 15 percent, approximately just like other seeds. Nuts for example almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts provide Eight to ten percent of your daily iron needs. Grab a number of nuts for a quick snack, or blend them into savory sandwich spreads and pates. Test out recipes that combine nuts or seeds with garlic, spices, sun-dried tomatoes or olives. Serve with crackers and raw vegetables or toss with pasta.


Legumes of all, including beans, peas, and lentils, are among the richest plant based causes of iron. Soybeans, kidney beans, and lentils stay ahead of the crowd as excellent iron rich foods. Enjoy them by means of bean burgers, as tasty sides, on salads, or like a fiber rich addition to soups. They are a good source of resistant starch meaning you’ll feel full longer.