The majority of people taking a supplement do so because they believe these vitamins, minerals and herbs that improve memory and generally health benefit.

Supplements for Heat intolerance means you’re more sensitive to rises in temperature than most people. As a result, you may feel overheated when everyone else seems to be comfortable. In addition to discomfort, symptoms like heavy sweating and a flushed face can lead to embarrassment. Sources of heat intolerance can include obesity, anxiety, menopause, hyperthyroidism, medications and caffeine. So, for example, if you’re overweight, your body might be producing too much cortisol. Thus, if you take a supplements like adrenal adaptogenic herb to regulate cortisol, it could possibly also help control your body’s reaction to heat.

Supplements for Heat Intolerance

Supplements for Heat Intolerance

Vitamin E

This is the second supplement on the list to specifically address hot flashes. That’s because they’re one of the most common occurrences of heat intolerance.Fortunately, when it comes to treating hot flashes in menopausal women, there are supplement options. One that medical experts are starting to recommend is vitamin E. A placebo, double-blind, controlled trial conducted in 2007 found that participants taking the vitamin experienced a reduction in the severity of hot flashes.


If you’re frequently hot, there are a number of things you can do to make yourself more comfortable. For starters, you should discuss your condition with your doctor. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of possible medical treatments and circumstances that make a person more intolerant to heat. If the cause is addressed, that might be all you need to make heat intolerance a thing of the past.

Adrenal Adaptogenic Herbs

Obesity is a common cause of heat intolerance, and high cortisol levels are often associated with obesity . So, one way to help your body adapt to temperature increases could be to lower your cortisol levels. Also known as glucocorticoid, cortisol is a hormone that increases blood sugar. While this is a normal function within the body, it can get out of hand. In people who experience chronic stress, anxiety or depression, cortisol levels can increase. When cortisol levels are elevated, they can sometimes lead to weight gain So it stands to reason that targeting cortisol may help you lose weight and thus reduce your risk of heat intolerance.


Electrolytes are substances like sodium and potassium that become ionic conductors when dissolved in fluid. They’re beneficial because they assist cells in sending electrical impulses to other cells. Because you can lose electrolytes when you sweat heavily, replenishing them as soon as possible is critical. So, while electrolytes won’t specifically reduce heat intolerance, they do address a side effect of it.The easiest way to reintroduce electrolytes into your system is to drink a beverage formulated with them. Many sports drinks contain electrolytes, but they also tend to be high in sugar which can be a problem if you’re diabetic or on a weight-loss plan. However, there are some particularly those formulated for children that have less sugar. The supplement mentioned on the next page may help you with a widespread cause of heat intolerance.