Vitamins are vital for our various body processes. There are certain vitamins that can help you recover faster from acne scars and prevent acne from recurring.

Acne is a common skin condition which everyone has to go through sometime in their life. However, acne is also a very complex condition and there is no perfect cure for it. But, using some skin care measures, diet, detox, and exercising you can promote good skin health.

While acne is more common during your teens, some people are not so fortunate and it can continue into adulthood. Many forms of acne are mild and cause no real problems; indeed some people see the condition as part of growing up, however severe forms of acne can be painful and embarrassing covering large parts of the body including the face, back and chest. Many people opt for acne skin products to get their condition under control but it is also important to recognize the important role that vitamins and minerals can play in treating your symptoms.  Below are the most important vitamins for acne and better skin.

Best Vitamins for Acne

Best Vitamins for Acne

What are the Best Vitamins for Acne

B Vitamin

B vitamin contains important vitamins that have many uses; from improving your skin health to reducing the appearance of acne. Deficiency of B vitamins, particularly Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin) can lead to acne. Vitamin B also helps to reduce stress, which is considered to be one of the reasons for acne breakouts in some people.Vitamin B also improves skin tone. Best sources of B vitamin are whole grains, green leafy vegetables, legumes, wheat germ, brown rice and prunes. The recommended dose for B vitamin is 100 mg two times a day. For optimal result, you can use vitamin B5 products that are available in pill and liquid form. Consult your physician for the required dose.

Vitamin A

Certain studies show that deficiency of vitamin A can actually be a reason behind acne problems. Vitamin A helps in decreasing the oil production of the skin which prevents the growth of acne. As oily skin is more prone to acne. Skin oil can clog the skin pores, on which dirt can be present and bacteria can grow and cause acne breakouts or blackheads. Many dermatologists recommend a supplement of vitamin A to prevent acne. Vitamin A, apart from acne breakouts, can also get rid of acne scars. Antioxidants are known to reduce scars and pigmentation. Antioxidants also prevent pre-mature aging of the skin. This means you will not develop early wrinkles on the skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the most important vitamin for the healing and reducing of the appearance of acne scars because its antioxidant properties acts to repair tissues and prevents cell damage by inhibiting formation of free radicals. It is an essential vitamin that is often recommended by medical professional for regeneration of healthy skin cells and hair.

Vitamin E can be obtained from food sources like sunflower seeds, peas, corn, oatmeal, soybean oil and walnuts. For healing and reducing the appearance of acne, vitamin E is prescribed in either pill form or applied topically on acne scars. When taken as a supplement, the recommended dose is 15 mg per day.

Another way to get rid of acne fast is to take a vitamin E capsules. Open the capsule and use the oil to massage your facial skin at night. Applying the oil directly on acne will repair damage tissues and heal acne fast. Not only this, it will moisturize your skin and reduce inflammation and redness of the skin.

Skin Acne Treatments

Skin Acne Treatments

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that improves the immune system and removes toxin from the body. Vitamin C also helps to eliminate free radicals that build up in our body over time. Free radicals destroy healthy cells and reduce the healing power of the body. Taking vitamin C will help you fight acne that are often caused by bacteria and reduce inflammation caused by acne.

Fruits and vegetables that are rich source of vitamin C are oranges, grapefruit, broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper and cantaloupes. To promote quick healing of acne scars, a daily dose of 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C supplement is recommended.

Other Minerals

Apart from these vitamins for acne that can be a part of one’s daily Natural acne treatment, one must also include trace minerals like zinc, chromium and selenium in the diet. Chromium diminishes skin infections, zinc helps facilitate skin’s healing ability to reduce acne scarring and also aids in acne prevention by regulating the activity of oil glands, while selenium works synergistically to protect the levels of other antioxidants in the body to reduce existing acne and prevent new ones. Recommended doses are: Zinc (30-50mg daily) Chromium (150mcg daily) and selenium (50mcg daily). Zinc is found abundantly in oysters, nuts, seafood, oatmeal and seeds. Selenium can be obtained from salmon, grains and nuts while chromium is naturally present in whole grains, beef, meat, chicken, Brewer’s yeast and eggs etc.